What does the hire of Gertrude include?

For most, it includes the beautiful Gertrude herself, along with bar staff,  stemless wine glasses, champagne flutes, jam jars, all bar ware, a vintage fridge and a few decorations if they fit the decor. If a generator is required at the site, we can arrange for hire. All serving is done from Gertrude. Guest love coming up and having a chat, looking around inside and ordering a drink. We will roam around, clearing all empty bottles and glasses throughout the event, this way your guests can mingle and enjoy brilliant company.


What kind of events will suit Gertrude?

Gertrude loves a good party, especially weddings! But, she certainly can be used for many other functions, events and festivals. Gertrude is very photogenic and is perfect for product launches, corporate events and promotional parties.


Where are you based and how far will Gertrude travel for an event?

We are based in Melbourne, we love the open road and travel all around Victoria.


Does Gertrude sell alcohol and are we required to obtain a liquor licence?

I am glad you asked, this is the exciting part. All drinks are supplied by you, so you can choose your favourite bottle of wine or beer for all your guests to enjoy!

Yes, a private event liquor licence must be obtained by you. We can assist with the application process, this only takes minutes to obtain online and is a very easy process.


Are your bar staffed trained with RSA licences?

Absolutely! We dont do things in halves here at Meet Gertrude, our bar staff are RSA certified and have a long history in customer service. 


What are the dimensions of Gertrude?

Gertrude is 2.3m high, 2.2m wide and 3.8m long.

*We do need some space directly behind Gertrude for all our empty boxes, ekys, washing table etc. Please take this in consideration when mapping out positioning.


Does Gertrude have Public Liability Insurance?

She sure does!


What happens at the end of the night when guests are still using the glassware? 

So we don't have to go chasing your guests to get our glassware back we usually start to serve drinks out of plastic cups about 15-20 minutes before the service time finishes. We will then pack up all the left over alcohol and take it to your designated area. If your party is continuing on make sure you have some plastic cups for your guests along with a few bottle openers for the beers.


Our ceremony is right near where Gertrude will be parked, will you need to arrive earlier to set up and is there additional charges?

Yes, during our set up process there is quite a bit of running around and we tend to be a little noisey. If the ceremony is taking place in the same area as the reception we highly recommend you get us in earlier. A small fee will be involved.